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a magical journey through the depths of the earth!

The best wet caves in the world are located just ten kilometres away from Ktima Karageorgou. Diros Caves, Glyfada, Katafygio and Alepotrypa, are amongst the best gifts nature could possibly give us. This destination offers a guided tour into the bowels of the earth and is definitely not to be missed, especially not by children.

In Diros Caves you will see an underground river splits up into labyrinthine watery passageways running more or less side by side among the stalactites and stalagmites created over the aeons by drop after drop of water containing calcium carbonate. The multi-coloured crystalline caverns of exceptional beauty in this 33,400-square-metre cave are reflected in the still water of the river, creating an underground paradise and offering you a magical journey through the bowels of the earth. 

The Crossroads of Nymphs with the little white bear, the Lake of Exotic Ocean Creatures with the stone forest and incredible little haystack, the Sea of Shipwrecks complete with a sunken wreck, the Golden Rain, the passage through the church with chandelier and pulpit, the Suspended Fairy Beds, the Diros Chamber where there are ancient Greek mantles, the Pink Chamber and the White Chamber where there is a harp and a Royal Balcony, and the lovely Red Chamber are just some of the unparalleled wonders that nature took thousands of years to create so that we could marvel at her majesty and our own insignificance. 

There are three caves at Diros, but only one is open to visitors and that is Vlyhada cave (Glyfada by another name). Tours of the wet part of the cave are conducted in small boats. They are safe for adults and children and last approximately thirty minutes. The temperature of the water reaches 14 degrees Celsius and that of the air 19 degrees Celsius, whatever the season. The fossilised bones of a panther, a hippopotamus and a lion tell a tale of a different sort of life here. Finds indicate that the Diros Caves have been used as living space and storage space, as a home-industry workshop, a burial site and a place of worship. The many significant finds exhibited in the Neolithic Museum will complete your picture of the Neolithic Age.
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