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Flavors of Mani

Mani is renowned for its local products, the selected and special Mani recipes and specialties. Local cured meat, sausages, oiled bread and olives, are particularly common in Mani where traditional nutrition is still widespread, passed on as it is, from one generation to the next. 
At Ktima Karageorgou we suggest that you try many local traditional recipes. Our specialties are made with biological ingredients many picked from our vegetable garden, recipes that stood the test of time coming down to us from our grandmothers. A walk through the narrow streets of Areopolis will give you the chance to taste local dishes in the picturesque small taverns.  A small sample of the local culinary delights: syglino (a kind of cured meat), pork with celery, chicken with red sauce and traditional pasta (hilopites), traditional omelet (sfougato), pan cakes, Diples (dessert), samousades (a baklava-like desert). 
Traditional products that you can take back home with you are:  olives, olive oil, honey, touloumisio cheese, wonderful preserves, jams, aromatic plants, mainly wild oregano, sage, asparagus and a variety of wild herbs whose availability depends on the season of your visit.
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