There is no better way for you to explore and really know one region, than through hiking. In Greece and mainly in borderline regions like Mani, highways delayed to be completed and connectivity took place through paths that united villages with each other. Many of them have been preserved, fortunately most of them. So they offer the opportunity to us to explore, admire from up close and see the magnitude of nature and the people who lived there over the centuries. 
Walking through the paths of Mani, paths crossing the ultimate part of mainland Europe, and lead to medieval or byzantine castles or canyons and caves, perched villages like eagles’ nests, you lose track of time and travel to other eras, enchanted by the beauty and historic nature of this place. The sounds, the aromas, the colors in combination with the mild climate, gather attention throughout the year. 
It is hard for someone to find a place resembling such a fierce, rough landscape, maintaining at the same time its marvelous nature. Only through its paths may you be given the chance to discover hidden treasures created by nature and man, standing proud over time. Hiking through the cobbled pathways of Mani means to discover with every step all the footprints that history has left.   
With Ktima Karageorgou as the starting point in Aeropolis, one of the finest and greatest traditional settlements, at the center of Mani peninsula, in a natural path, we have gathered information, maps with the routes and the paths that we need, in order to help you set out on your adventure…an experience that will definitely amaze you…
So we organize hiking tours, we form groups of young and old, we select routes and paths depending on the level of difficulty we desire each time, revealing Mani treasures to you. 
We wish to introduce you to the legends and traditions of this blessed place, its natural and cultural wealth with the intense antitheses, which has justifiably been characterized by experts as a great open air museum and a place of spectacular natural beauty.
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