Honeymoon in Mani

Your new life begins with a magical journey; YOUR HONEYMOON. Something special, out of the ordinary that you will always remember and treasure, a magical experience that will be imprinted in dreams for as long as you both shall live. Lakonian Mani in Peloponnese is without a doubt the definitive answer to such a honeymoon. Discover villages perched like eagles’ eyries on the peaks of Mount Taygetus, treasures hidden above or below ground, remote beaches, pieces of paradise so well hidden that seem to have been waiting since the dawn of time for you to walk in and exchange your vows of love and devotion, quelling all fears and anxiety about the future…

Stroll along narrow lanes weaving romantically between tall tower houses that whisper tales of bygone glory as you walk by. Relish a meal in a traditional tavern. Watch splendid sunsets. Glide over the smooth silent waters in the Diros caves, unmatched by any in the world. Indulge in horse-riding along one of the many country tracks or relax in a boat under a starry sky, while you discover strange caves once home to prehistoric people or hideouts to bold buccaneers. Here at Ktima Karageorgou we are always ready to take care of every detail surrounding your honeymoon. 

Champagne and cake welcome you to your room. Rose petals adorn your bed, while candles create a romantic atmosphere. And you will discover many more pleasant surprises during your stay… Our superior suite is definitely one of the best choices to begin the journey into your new life…Your honeymoon. Whether you are planning to marry, renew your vows or celebrate an anniversary, this is a splendidly unique holiday experience!

And because there can be no better present than a honeymoon, make your wedding list at KTIMA KARAGEORGOU and we will take care of every little detail …May your way through life always be strewn with rose petals and filled with LOVE……
Areopoli Mani
Lakonia Peloponnese Greece 23062
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