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Mani is a place offering diverse recreation, and creative activities to the visitor. 
There is no better way to get to know an area than to walk around. By walking along Mani’s paths, paths going through the last bit of continental Europe, and leading to medieval or byzantine castles, canyons or caves, villages perched up high on the mountains, like eagle nests, one travels to bygone eras, enchanted by the beauty and historicity of the place. We organize hiking trips, for teams of children, and adults, help you chose routes and paths according to difficulty desired, and reveal Mani’s treasures to you.  
Whatever your riding experience, Ktima Karageorgou, in collaboration with Pyrgos equestrian club, shall assist  visitors, who wish to come in contact with nature in alternative ways, and feel a little freer, a little more primitive …
If you do not enjoy walking, hiking, or horse riding, you need not worry. Cycling is the best solution for you! Starting off at Ktima Karageorgou, we will draw your trail on maps, we will organize your adventure, always taking safety precautions, our aim to offer a great experience shared by children and adults who enjoy the appeal of cycling.

  • Horse riding
  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing to ancient monuments
  • Local products
  • Olive harvest
  • Special routes to forests and pathways on bikes and 4x4 vehicles
  • Scuba diving
  • Hunting
  • Library with books and newspapers
  • A lot more
Interesting places you may visit: 
  • Unique wet caves (Diros – Alepotripas etc.) 
  • 98 traditional settlements
  • 1000 Byzantine churches
  • 800 Towers
  • 8 Medieval and Byzantine castles
  • Picturesque Limeni with Mavromichalis palace
  • Githeio with Kranai islet and ancient theater
  • Taygetus with its rich flora and fauna, herbs and endemic plants, canyons 
  • Mystras, the kingdom of Palaiologos
  • Plentiful pathways and alleys, ideal for hiking
  • Picturesque and crystal clear beaches
Areopoli Mani
Lakonia Peloponnese Greece 23062
Tel. +30 2733051368
fax +30 2733051328
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