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Mani beaches

In Mani you will enjoy many beautiful beaches.

Limeni: A perfect mixture of turquoise and dark blue waters created by strong currents in the small bay; Fresh fish awaits you!

Mezapos: Dark green waters that one may encounter only at the Ionian Islands and rocks only to be met in the Cyclades; a small peninsula lies in the middle, which is known under the name “Tigani (frying pan)” for it has a corresponding shape.

Kyparissos: A beach for the select few …

Marmari: Many think that this is one of the best beaches of Laconian Mani, mainly due to the enchanting sunrise. The sands hold a surprise, hidden as it is between the naked hills on the way from Vatheia to Tainaros, at the south-western edge of the Mani Peninsula.

Ambelos: Maybe the most beautiful beach in Mani! The contrast between harsh landscapes over emerald waters is unprecedented!

Alypa: A beautiful beach, just as extraordinary as Ambelos, with pebbles and emerald color waters - Maybe with a little softer emerald color and shallower!

Taxiarhis, Kokkala: A beach combining the white pebbles of Mani with the turquoise waters of the Cyclades! Beautiful scenery with a church by the water!

Agia Varvara Located on the way to Kotronas; one of the most popular beaches of Laconian Mani.
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