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Horse Riding in Mani

Ktima Karageorgou works in conjunction with Pyrgos Riding Society to make it possible for those of you with greater or lesser riding experience, to discover more ways to be a part of nature and perhaps feel a bit more carefree, a bit more like the primitive you.

Sitting full of confidence astride a white horse you can set off on a trek through Mani. Ride along country roads, lanes and tracks that traverse mountains, gorges, rivers and beaches. Experience wonderful moments. Discover landscapes with sharp contrasts, unique geological formations, ecosystems of exceptional beauty that open up before you and make you feel elated.

It is a wonderful opportunity for families or groups of friends to relax and enjoy the scenery, led by experienced, competent instructors. The horses will be gentle and obedient right from the start because you will be with them lending a hand in saddling them up and bonding with them. There will be a few preliminary exercises so you can learn the strides and how to control the reins. You will be shown how to make the horse obey your commands.
Areopoli Mani
Lakonia Peloponnese Greece 23062
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