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Boutique hotel in Mani Ktima
Karageorgou in Mani Areopoli Greece

Ktima Karageorgou consists of two large stone buildings, with towers, carved stone depictions over the windows, handcrafted wood, local stone…in perfect alignment with the traditional architecture of Mani, which has been developed and flourished over the centuries.

Ktima Karageorgou in Mani Greece boasts its luxury interior design, where tradition meets modernity and the past gets wonderfully blended with the present. Elements such as reeds on the roofs, wall openings, wooden lofts, airy fabrics, and romantic curtains overwhelm guests with a fairytale feel. 

Special reference should be made to the special mattresses that embrace your body and support it fully, allowing the perfect sleep experience. Almost all rooms have been equipped with Jacuzzi by the bed, offering unique moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Enjoy a walk on the cobblestone streets among colorful gardens that have been created with great effort and love in contrast to the anhydrous and hard landscape. Sip on a delicious cup of coffee or surprise your palate with homemade spoon sweets, resting at one of the green corners of the complex. 

Sip on a drink at the bar by the pool under the starlit sky, relishing the absolute serenity all around, in an idyllic setting filled with nature’s masterpieces. This is a marvelous experience that will refresh your body and mind, filling you with the energy and strength you have anticipated.

The traditional tavern with the stone wood-fired oven offers guests the chance to taste the flavors of the forgotten past. The garden of the hotel provides fully organic, seasonal vegetables and our breakfast is the best in the region. All these details are needed additions that complete your discovery of this particular part of Greece…

Ktima Karageorgou in Mani is also ideal for children, thanks to its wide open garden spaces away from cars. The ultimate retreat for parents to relax, as their precious little ones have fun!
Areopoli Mani
Lakonia Peloponnese Greece 23062
Tel. +30 2733051368
fax +30 2733051328
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