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“I don’t know anything about recipes and measures, I just use my sight and instinct for the ingredients”, the words of my grandmother come to mind. Her dishes were simple without any complicated names and she used local produce straight from the orchard right into her pots and pans.

After firing up the oven, she started baking fresh bread and the smell overwhelmed the whole neighborhood. Meat came from her own chicken, turkeys and pork, few sheep and goats. We had eggs every morning, straight from the hen house. When there was celebration for a family member, grandma did her best to fill the table with literally any type of meat within her reach. Amazing recipes such as cock with noodles and roasted lamb in the oven with baked potatoes and artichokes, traditional syglino and of course seasonal salad from her garden and homemade cheese. All these, dipped in high quality extra virgin olive oil from her very own olive trees. 

After all this feast of flavors, she would serve the sweet martyr of desserts. In a plate, she would place huge diples, galaktompoureko (semolina custard in filo) and samousas. Nobody wanted to taste them after such great food served to us, but till the dance started, we would not leave anything on our plates. I could write for hours and praise her skills in cooking, the way she prepared the filo for the pies and the special method of curing the pork or baking the bread. 

Each time I go to the kitchen to cook, I remember the flavors and fragrances jumping from my grandma’s kitchen and spreading all around. I get enchanted by these simple moments of my grandma’s daily routine. 

I don’t know if I am ever going to reach the level of craftiness that my grandmother boasted in cooking, but I would like the guests of Ktima Karageorgou to taste these simple yet marvelous dishes with their unique flavors, made only of the finest ingredients coming from our farm or other organic orchards in the area. 

It would be a great honor and success for me, if guests would take with them some of the flavors and fragrances from my grandma’s kitchen, upon departure.
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