Haunt of war-loving god Ares, after whom it is named, Areopolis is centrally located in Mani peninsula at the point where Inner (Laconian) Mani and Outer (Mesinian) Mani meet and are both easily accessible. It is regarded as the heart of the Mani district and is one of the most attractive traditional villages in Greece. It shares with the villages of Vatheia and Kita, also in Mani, the designation of traditional village of exceptional beauty in Greece. Impressive and imperious, Areopolis literally rises out of the past. Stroll along the cobbled lanes that wind everywhere in the village and you will learn a lot about  the tower houses and fortified building complexes of the Mavromihalis, Pikoulakis, Barelakou and Kapetanakou families. They are among the most imposing buildings in Mani and allow those who walk along the lanes to discover the well-hidden secrets of the past. 

The air is laden with whispers of what unfolded here when the Greek nation rose against the Turks. You can walk across historic 17th March Square, where the leaders of the Greek War of Independence in 1821 first prayed in the seventeenth-century church of the Archangels, the one with the tall bell tower, raised the flag of the revolution and then began their task of freeing Greek towns and villages before joining ranks with forces from the rest of Greece. Byzantine churches with unusual wall paintings, the War Museum, the Cavalry Museum, the old olive press and millstones, the Museum of Maniot Religious Beliefs in Pikoulakis Tower, buildings made of huge blocks of stone that bear witness to its great age, these things and many more combine to make you feel you are walking in a mediaeval castle where time has stood still since the 19th century.

Areopolis is situated by the sea, where caves hidden among rugged rocks have revealed Palaeolithic finds. Relatively recent excavations at Apidima have brought to light a human skeleton from 300,000 years ago, known as Tainaros Man. Access to these caves can be gained over the rocks by the sea to the left of Limeni.

Areopolis is an attractive tourist destination, summer or winter, since it has lots to offer and make your stay a pleasant one at any time of the year. Traditional taverns, pubs that stay open so you can enjoy yourself until the early hours of the morning, as well as friendly, hospitable people who are always willing to help, all contribute to the timeless appeal of this place with its genuine values and age-old history. Its reputation as the ideal destination for those who really want to find relief from the pace of life in the cities of today is well deserved. Here you can go on a wonderful journey in a time machine that will reveal history and romance and will arouse your emotions.
Areopoli Mani
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